Valued customers that tell neighbors, friends, family, or
business owners about the work we do and the people
who work for Bone Dry, are the reason why we have
continually run over a 97% referral rate year over year! We
Thank You!

Thank you for squeezing
me in
on July 9th. With our
house being
on the market, we needed
someone out right away
and you
were there for us. Your
employees are courteous
Bone Dry brings
satisfaction to
the homeowners. Thanks

From Joe & Debbie W.

Basement floors and walls
were cracked
and had allowed my
basement to flood
every year. Bone Dry
sealed the
foundation and followed up
after a
particularly heavy rain. I did
not expect
this but my basement has
been dry 2+
years. This is unusual when
you live in
Des Plaines.

From Chris F.
Des Plaines, IL

Great to deal with and they
do a
wonderful job. Haven't had
more problems in 20 yrs
since the
crack repairs that were
done with
the epoxy  methods used.

From Joanne C.

Thank you for all of your

From Jackie S.
more upon request
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