About Our Business

Bone Dry Inc was the concept of Tony Cook in 1981. Starting
with one thing in mind, to become the best in the industry and
giving the community someone they could trust to do a great
job and be dependable for their real estate repair needs.
Tony still owns and operates the business with the same
beliefs today...." I don't believe in doing business for the sake
of a quick dollar" he stated. " I want to do the job right with
integrity and honesty".  As he has found through the many
years of his services, " every property has it's own set of
problems and personality. When performing an inspection and
analysis, I always keep that in mind. Each job is a challenge in
itself, but there is always a solution".

"The competition offers a lot of promises, but are they the
permanent solution? The Competitor may offer a permanent
fix but do they offer the right epoxy material? Bone Dry still
adheres to giving a lifetime warranty on it's true resin epoxy
procedures. You have to ask yourself, is it transferable to the
next property owner? Is the company that I hire going to do
exactly what they say they are going to do? That is a question,
that only you can decide in your choice of waterproofing

Tony Cook,
All rights reserved.
Bone Dry Basement Waterproofing,Inc
847-658-5254 or 847-658-5256
Making Your basements 'BONE DRY' since 1981