Services We Provide
* Foundation crack repairs
*Cold joints/ rock pockets
* Tie rods
*Soil/ sewage lines
*Utility lines( water, electrical, etc.)
* Drain tile installations
(Interior/ exterior)
* Sump pump installations
(Primary and battery backup)
*Window well and
drain installations
*Custom curtain tile and
de-saturation systems
* Door and driveway
trough installations
* Preventative maintenance   
caulking/ tuck-pointing
*Concrete swimming pool repairs


Every basement in every home is unique and usually comes with it's own set
of problems. Water penetration can come from a number of different sources.
Some vulnerabilities can be resolved by proper maintenance whether it be
gutters, grading, caulking, or ensuring that drains that route ground or rain
water are free from debris.

Drains in window wells that get clogged or blocked can become a source of
major concern and, at times, are not recognized as the source of seepage.
Other problems may be that basement windows installed at ground level were
never installed with wells around them, thus are vulnerable to seepage.
And in other situations, the wells themselves have pulled away from the
foundation, washing in dirt and debris, causing blockages in the drain and
stone/ gravel making dissipation of water much more difficult.


Bone Dry recommends the TRUE resin epoxy injection method when repairing
a foundation wall crack. Our fully trained technicians utilize a two-part epoxy,
that once injected into the foundation wall crack, will mechanically bond to the
concrete. When fully cured, this not only creates a tensile strength greater than
the original pour of the concrete, but will provide a permanent fix to seal a
leaking foundation crack and will also restore the structural integrity to your

DRAIN TILES (interior & exterior):

If there is evidence of seepage from the cove joint ( where the wall and floor
meet) and/ or coming from the cracks in your floor slab in your basement, with
no other vulnerabilities that are contributing factors, then your basement has
common symptoms of 'hydrostatic pressure'. To relieve this pressure that is
built up under your floor, and in some cases against your foundation wall, an
interior or exterior footing drain tile system needs to be installed. In the
simplest terms, the subsurface water needs to be channeled and discharged
from, or away from, the basement via our drain tile system with a sump pit and
sump pump, and/ or an exterior gravity fed outlet.
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